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Yogeshwar Muni at his home in  Merimbula, NSW Australia, 2007


Yogeshwar in Flaxley South Australia

Link: Yogeshwar Muni large picture 2007


Charles Berner (Yogeshwar Muni) was born in 1929 in CA, USA. He passed on in 2007 in Merimbula, NSW Australia. He was a dedicated master of yoga and a master teacher of kundalini yoga (sahaja or natural yoga) of the Pashupta Lineage

On this website you will find his writings (see below), tributes to him, information about his last days, a slide show of his final ceremony and his life story and yogic sadhana related in a detailed slide show entitled Charles Berner's Life in Pictures

He began his study of science, metaphysics and scripture as a child. In his quest for the truth he visited many spiritual teachers and experimented with many spiritual growth paths.

He created the Institute of Ability, Mind Clearing Programs, and the Enlightenment Intensive, a process that is used today world-wide to seek the truth by conscious, direct knowledge. Thanks to the countless satsangas he offered as a master teacher, Yogeshwar's students have copious notes to guide them on their path of yogic sadhana.

In 1973 after twenty five years of searching, he met Swami Kripalvanana while on a pilgrimage in India and received shaktipat initiation from him. In due course, Swami Kripalvananda bestowed upon him the highest yogic teachings and initiations.

In response to Swami Kripalvananda's Birthday Discourse in 1978, Yogeshwar created courses of study in Holistic Yoga and Energy Mastery; in addition he created a comprehensive leveled course of study for the Priesthood. based on ancient yogic principles and on his years of teaching experience. This course of study formed the basis of his teaching at Kayavaronhana West in St. Helena. CA.

Once initiated Charles Berner as Yogeshwar Muni kept up a rigorous schedule of meditation of eight hours a day as well as continuing to teach his own students. He taught and wrote extensively on Natural Yoga (Meditation) and yogic scripture.

He developed the Lila Paradigm from his direct knowledge of the Truth underlying the fundamental principles of the universe. In collaboration with Dr. Biljana Percinkova of the South East European University in Skopje, Macedonia, he verified his theory with scientific proofs.

He is responsible for the carefully rendered English edition of Yogacharya Kripalvananda's Revealing the Secret, Commentary on The Small Burning Lamp of Sun-Moon Yoga. This rendering gives serious aspirants who are not familiar with the traditional cultures of ancient and modern India access to the esoteric realm of Sun-Moon Yoga.

Charles Berner passed away on June 24, 2007, at his home in Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia. He was surrounded by his close and devoted students. You can read tributes to him online and view a memorial slide show of his final ceremony.



A list of Charles Berner's (Yogeshwar Muni's) writings can also be found on the Foundation for Natural Meditation's website.

The Lila Paradigm is a stunning new cosmology. It promises to be the long awaited bridge between science and religion. Its elaboration is in progress and updates are posted on the Lila Paradigm website. To listen to the sessions between Charles Berner and Biljana Percinkova click here.The Chronology of the End Time Table is a succinct chart of the last days using the events given in Daniel and Revelations updated 27 April 2007. Charles interprets Daniel's vision of the Angel Gabriel and its import for the End Time (21 December 2012) in Daniel and the Chronology of the End Time. This was written 21 December 2005. The Six Month Chronology Update written 15 May 2006, gives current events and their correlations with the written prophecies.

The Chronology Update of 27 April 2007 contains the latest End Time information. The Road to Liberation is a series of four talks given by Charles Berner in Italy in August, 1998. The topics include Dharmic Success and Steps on the Road to Liberation. Consciousness of Truth is the most recent update of the Manual for the Enlightenment Intensive. The Manual for Guiding a Person through the After Death Experience is a modern day interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead by Charles Berner.

Lifting the Veil, written in August of 2004, explains how the Ultimate Truth is covered by a veil of illusion. Charles Berner describes the veils in various religions and explains how to lift the veils intellectually.

In the Response to Chapman Article on Long Intensives, Charles Berner discusses the validity of Long Enlightenment Intensives.

In Self Reference and Accepting More Others, Charles Berner discusses the importance of self reference to the Lila Theory, to Enlightenment Intensives, and to people's personal evolution and growth.

































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