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A Manual for the Enlightenment Intensive
By Charles Berner and Mona Sosna

Second Edition-newly revised 5/03/2006
New information on pages:
1, 3-4, 68-9, 73-4, 90, 133,
137, 142, 144, 209-210

In the first edition of Consciousness of Truth, a Manual for the Enlightenment Intensive, new knowledge was added to the wealth of information and wisdom in the old manual, Transmission of Truth. This new knowledge included:

  • a precise definition of enlightenment and a definition of consciousness
  • the reasons for using only the questions 'Who am I?' and 'What am I?' on Enlightenment Intensives
  • an explanation of why only three-day Enlightenment Intensives should be given
  • the reasons for telling participants on an Intensive what enlightenment is

In this second edition, in addition to the above, you will find:

  • a change in the definition of enlightenment (p.1)
  • a clarified and expanded definition of consciousness (pp.3-4)
  • Berner's conviction that a master should not say whether a participant is enlightened or not (pp.68-9, .l33, l37, 142, 144)
  • the boundary between inspiration and manipulation (p. 69)
  • why only the 'Tell me' form of the instruction should be used (p.90)
  • a minimum age for an EI participant (pp. 73-4, 209-10)

This manual is indispensable for the Enlightenment Master. It is also useful for Enlightenment Intensive participants and anyone who wants to know more about enlightenment and how to achieve it. In addition, much of the information can be applied to the successful running of any workshop and the achievement of mastership in any field.

Donations for the authors may be sent to:

Natural Meditation of Australia, Inc.
4A Bellbird Crescent
Merimbula, NSW 2548

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